There’s snow and ice all over my deck. What should I do?

Blog Post: There’s snow and ice all over my deck. What should I do?
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Central Ohio enjoys its fair share of snow and ice! Eastern Sky builds and treats decks to withstand the wintry exposure, but it also helps to prepare your deck with the following steps:


Clear the deck.
First and foremost, clear the deck of any tables, chairs, planters, appliances, etc. You will need to have the deck cleared off before washing and cleaning it.


Clean the deck.
Before snow and ice arrive, clean the deck thoroughly. Start by sweeping it off. Be sure to get rid of any debris, such as leaves, sticks or dirt. If there is anything lodged between the deck boards, retrieve and toss it.

Once the deck is swept, it is time to wash it down. A special solution might be necessary to kill any mildew. Mix up 3 quarts of water, ¼ cup of ammonia-free liquid dishwasher detergent, and 1 quart of oxygen bleach in a spray bottle. You could also substitute vinegar in place of the bleach. Once the solution is ready, spray any spots of mildew on the deck. Let the solution soak in for about 20 minutes before thoroughly rinsing the area. Use a plastic bristle brush to remove any remaining mildew.


Only shovel the deck if necessary.
It might seem wise to routinely shovel the snow off your deck. However, too much shoveling is not healthy for the deck. There is risk of scraping and denting the deck wood. Only shovel if you must make an exit path from the back door or if the snow has piled higher than your deck rails. Remember to always shovel parallel to the deck boards, and never use a metal blade shovel.


Use caution with ice.
Finally, be very cautious when trying to melt ice off your deck. Chipping away at ice can damage your deck. Always use an ice melt product made specifically for your deck type.


Contact Eastern Sky if you have questions about caring for your specific deck and patio materials. We are here to help you with ongoing maintenance year round!