How do I select the best colors for pavers and accents on our hardscaping project?

Blog Post: How do I select the best colors for pavers and accents on our hardscaping project?
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Great question! Paver selection can be difficult. But then if you have decided to add function and flair to your hardscaping project by adding pillars, accent walls, and a grill island, there are even more decisions. You want to design these elements using materials and colors that complement your paver selection so that the finished project will be harmonious.

Our goal at Eastern Sky Landscaping is to coordinate the color banding in both pavers and walls to bring the entire project together, but we need your insights on colors before we start your project.

Here are some ideas to help you select the paver and accent colors for your home or business:

  • Walk or ride through surrounding neighborhoods and note the colors that attract your attention.
  • Look at the exterior brick or other materials of your home to find inspiration. Something as simple as a door color might dictate the colors that you decide to use for your project.
  • Consider the application. For instance, light colors are recommended for pool decks because they are cooler on the feet.
  • Reflect on the other key elements of your landscape, the overall architecture and style of your home, fencing, existing walls, exterior colors, etc. You want to select colors that will work well with everything in your environment.

The key word for color selection: harmonious.

Eastern Sky has created interesting multi-colored solutions to homes across central Ohio. We can add a border, accent or inlay in your design with a different color to add an appealing variation. And, by adding the same accent to your walls, pillars and planters, we can achieve a cohesive, special look to your project.